picture of a luxury home bathroomHomeowners who are thinking of selling their home often have many questions regarding the listing and sale. Below are just a few questions we encounter quite often. If you have any other questions that are not addressed here please give us a call and let us provide you with the answer.

What is a seller's market?
A seller's market is when the the number of buyers looking to purchase a home exceeds the number of homes for sale. The demand for homes increases and, as a result, prices tend to rise. A seller's market can be limited to specific geographic regions, neighborhoods and subdivisions or can be the result of an overall uptick in the real estate market.

Can I sell my home without a Realtor?

Yes, some people can sell their homes without a Realtor. Unfortunately it is similar to going into the forest without a compass. You may eventually get to your destination but at what cost? The average person will buy or sell 5-7 homes in a lifetime.  An experienced Realtor will often handle that many transactions in one month.  That experience can help you save money and avoid the many pitfalls you may encounter during the process.

What should I look for when choosing a Realtor to list my home?

• Experience – Experience is probably one of the most important attributes you should look for when choosing a Realtor. Has the Realtor done enough transactions to competently protect your interests during the process?
• Marketing Abilities – Although experience is extremely important an agent who cannot market your home properly can have a detrimental impact on the offers you receive for your home. 90% of home buyers begin their search on The Internet. Pictures of your home provide a first and lasting impression on the buyer and will ultimately determine whether or not they decide to see it. When interviewing Realtors be sure to check what kind of web presence they have and ask to see examples of the marketing they provide for home sellers.
• Communication – You must be confident that the Realtor you hire is a good communicator and responds to your questions or concerns in a timely manner. Nothing is more frustrating than having your messages go unanswered for days.
• Company Affiliation – Although each Realtor is an independent contractor, the company they work for can help or hurt your sale. Look for a company that has global notoriety. A small local agency generally does not have the international name recognition that a larger company has. Buyers relocating from other states or countries will often contact agents from companies they are familiar with.

Should I have my home professionally “Staged”?
Our experience has taught us that a staged home generally sells more quickly and for more money than a non-staged home.  Besides looking better, it is less cluttered, depersonalized and provides the buyer with a better way of visualizing themselves in the home.

Should I price my home higher to allow “room for negotiation”?
NO! Your home should be priced to sell. Pricing your home more than it’s worth will prevent buyers from offering on your home for fear of insulting you. It also helps to sell similar homes you are competing against. Our experience has taught us that when a home is priced to sell you are more likely to receive multiple offers which can sometimes lead to selling above list price.

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